Journalism Class (En 89)

06 Nov 2017

Last term, I took a journalism class (En 89) with Dr. Richard Kipling, a guest professor. It afforded a great perspective into the journalism industry. We had plenty of intellectual discussion about meaningful current issues, and I also managed to write two large journalistic pieces!

Read about them below:

Rob Phillips, Professor of Biophysics

I profiled Professor Rob Phillips, a biophysics professor at Caltech. He has an extremely intriguing background, having spent six years after high school traveling, self-studying, and working, before deciding to obtain a physics undergraduate degree. Only a decade later, he ended up a professor at Caltech, having switched research interests from condensed matter to biology and biophysics.

He’s a super interesting guy; find my piece here.

Caltech’s Incredible, Shrinking Library

For the final, I worked with Noelle Davis and Tim Liu on a full issue piece, conducting interviews and doing our own research. We investigated the ironic fact that Caltech’s library budget has stayed stagnant since 2010, in spite of the Breakthrough Campaign’s goal of raising over $2 billion. Ultimately, we identify the “culprit” as predatory scientific publishers, who “double-dip” by first charging researchers to publish papers in their journals and then charge university libraries again for access to those journals. Open-access is needed, now.

If you’re looking for scientific papers and don’t have easy access to university journals, please use sci-hub!

Find the final piece here.